Our research

The Computational Neuroscience Lab was founded in 2013 in the context of the Interdisciplinary Group for Neurosciences at Bournemouth University. In our lab, we combine the development of novel algorithms for the analysis of neurophysiological recordings with neural ensemble modelling approaches.
With the synthesis of two these methodologies, we aim to understand the properties of ensemble activity dynamics underlying the processing of perceptual and cognitive entities.

An innovative characteristic of our methods stems from the fusion of statistical learning theory approaches with nonlinear dynamical systems through a tight collaboration with experimental labs in human and in animal neurophysiology. Our current projects focus on auditory processing dynamics, decision making, working memory and studies of trial-to-trial variability in in vivo recordings.

In addition, we contribute to graduate and post-graduate programs and to a seminar series. You are very welcome to visit our lab to know more about our current projects; please send us an email to eb-ballester@bournemouth.ac.uk and follow us in twitter.